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How to Source The Right Item Quickly?

View :         Date :2013-01-25 10:02:00

How to source the items you need quickly? Usually, when you get the quotation from the suppliers, you will find price is very different, some supplier’s quotation is expensive, some some supplier’s quotations is very comprtitive. the problem is that , you don’t know whether the supplier’s product is the right one you need or not ? if you choosed the lowest price, maybe you will find the product’s quality is too poor when you receive the sample. 

 To source the quality procudts with reasonable price, to save the time of sourcing prodcuts, it is better for you present the requirements of inquiry  as in details as possible, such as products photoes, material, dimensions, net weight, packing requirements of product etc.  If possible, please give us a brief intruction of your business line, your market..All of these information will help us to provide your right quotation quickly.





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